The way to really send me over the edge is to say that ‘all passengers want is a bus that turns up on time, they don’t care what colour it is’ and ‘they should just be grateful they’ve got a bus at all’ as I will turn into a gibbering wreck in a matter of seconds


An assortment of moquette patterns on the top deck seats of a First West Yorkshire Volvo Olympian in January 2009. It may have turned up on time, but discerning passengers expect better than this.

Unable to contain my frustration any longer, this month I am going into battle against four of my least favourite bus industry catchphrases. Tedious mantras that spew repeatedly from the mouths of lazy industry figures and less enlightened commentators that — at best — display a lack of understanding of how a retail industry works and — at worst — show profound disrespect for those who pay to use our services.

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