995 Volvo B10M-55 Alexander DP48F Bus - N215 TDU

Type of Vehicle - Bus
Year Built/Registered - August 1995
Vehicle Description - Volvo B10M-55 Alexander DP48F
Reg No - N215 TDU
Fleet No - 20215
Livery/Operator - Stagecoach Midlands


Vehicle History:

1995 - New to Midland Red (South) Ltd., Rugby, August 1995, in standard Stagecoach stripes livery, as fleet number 215 and allocated to Nuneaton. It was originally to have been registered M215 LHP
2003 - Re-numbered 20215, January 2003, in the Stagecoach national series
2004 - Allocated to Rugby in October and back to Nuneaton in November
2005 - Early in the year received branding for 56/57 Hinckley-Nuneaton-Coventry service, but no record when removed
2008 - Allocated to Rugby in July and to the reserve fleet in October. In November it moved to Nuneaton as their driver training bus.
2016 - Transferred to Northampton as DCPC driver training bus.