1965 Leyland Leopard - CDK 448C

Type of Vehicle - Coach
Year Built/Registered - 1965
Vehicle Description - 36ft Harrington Grenadier Body
Reg No - CDK 448C
Fleet No - N/A
Livery/Operator - Ellen Smith

CDK 448C or 'Ellie' as she is more fondly known as was bought from Harrington's around March 1965 by Ellen Smith Coaches. She was mainly used for Coach tours and motorways and had several skirmishes along the way, luckily they had fantastic mechanics who were able to repair her. In later lift she worked for Rothwells Tours of Heywood and then fell into private hands. Ellie is now owned by the Rogers family and is lovingly showcased at many shows, weddings and fetes and even made her acting debut on season 3 of ITV's Endeavour.