1989 Alexander RV Volvo B10M Citybus - F105 XCW

Type of Vehicle - Bus
Year Built/Registered - 1989
Vehicle Description - Alexander RV Volvo B10M Citybus
Reg No - F105 XCW
Fleet No - 15525
Livery/Operator - NBC Lincolnshire

F105 XCW was new to Burnley and Pendle in March 1989 and was absorbed by Stagecoach Ribble upon take-over.

After life at Stagecoach F105 XCW was sold to Lincolnshire RoadCar and was later re-absorbed by Stagecoach once again upon take-over of RoadCar.
After sale by Stagecoach for the second time F105 XCW passed through several small operators for School Bus duties including Hodson's of Clitheroe, DeckerBus of Whittlesey (now Yaxley) and finally Dews Coaches of Somersham where she was finally re-painted out of Road Car livery.

This bus was acquired for preservation by Scottie Gibson as part of Eastern Bus Enthusiasts in July 2017 having narrowly avoided scrap who were due to collect a week later!

Work so far has included the changing of seats to a mostly matching set, new tyres and fitting of Lincoln destination blind. The biggest change of all is the re-instatement of an original front grille and larger headlights to replace the Olympian style grille and small headlights fitted after a collision at RoadCar.