1950 Regent III RT Bus - KLB 596

Type of Vehicle - AEC Regent III RT Bus
Year Built / Registered - 1950
Body - Weymann
Chassis - AEC
Length of Vehicle - 27ft 6ins
Reg No. - KLB 596
Fleet No. - EX-LT RT 1347
Livery/Operator - Browns Blue

KLB 596 has been finished in the livery of Browns Blue (Coaches) Ltd of Markfield, Leicester. It represents one of nine EX-LT RT's operated by Browns Blue between 1958 - 1963. The vehicle in question being HLW 160 EX RT 173. The only non-roofbox RT opeated, all adverts both exterior and interior date from the late fifties. The vehicle interior is in original condition as withdrawn by LT in 1978 from Barking Garage.