Imberbus: a civilised day out

The Bath Bus Company’s Routemaster RM1978 loading at Imber for Warminster during the August 2015 Imberbus.

Together with the London Transport Museum Friends, we wish to make clear that Imberbus — with Routemasters and other London buses operating scheduled services between Warminster and normally inaccessible parts of Salisbury Plain on Saturday 26 August — is a highly civilised event organised to the best professional standards.

We are happy to clarify — from direct experience and observation — that boarding arrangements for buses at Warminster and all other parts of the Imberbus network are managed safely and calmly and apologise to the organisers for any impression to the contrary in some of the wording of the advertisement on p77 of Buses last month, which was produced jointly with the London Transport Museum Friends.

The senior transport industry managers who have staged Imberbus annually since 2009, with visitor numbers and participating vehicle numbers increasing each year, operate it in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defence, which allows public access to the abandoned village of Imber and other restricted areas.

The routes are all registered with the Traffic Commissioner on a once-peryear basis, numbered 23A with full London destination blinds, roadside timetables and bus stops, with departures all run to schedule and interconnecting to allow visitors — transport enthusiasts and the wider public — to make the most of the day.

For all enquiries about Imberbus, see the website:

Inclusive tour to Imberbus, see p18