Anthony Wyer, Selnec Preservation Society founder

Anthony Wyer, founder and leader of the Selnec Preservation Society, died on 18 February, aged 62.

A barrister by profession, he became well known for his efforts in the preservation of vehicles from the Selnec era in Greater Manchester through to deregulation and beyond, most of them rear-engined. He obtained various vehicles of this period, which have formed the collection of the society, several of them preserved in original condition.

He also built up a wide library of history and information, which the society intends to maintain and update on its website in his honour. He commemorated 40 years of Selnec in October 2009 by hosting a 26-bus celebratory event at the Sportcity complex in Manchester. from the group’s collection.

The Selnec Preservation Society’s vehicles include EX1 (PNF 941J), a Northern Countiesbodied Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 new in 1971 as a prototype for Selnec PTE’s standard double-decker. JOHN YOUNG