Alan Mills, Omnibus Society archivist

Alan Mills, archive director of the Omnibus Society and a long-time active member of both the OS and PSV Circle, died on 31 January, aged 86. His funeral is in Walsall on 21 February (details from We intend to publish a more detailed obituary in next month’s Buses.

Bedford and Guy books author Stuart Broatch

News has reached us rather belatedly of the death, on 15 October last year, of Stuart Broatch, co-author with the late Alan Townsin of a two-part definitive history of Bedford and its products for Venture Publications in 1995 and 1996. He also co-wrote a book on Guy Motors with Robin Hannay. Broatch was born in Amersham in 1943 and worked mainly in the motor industry. He owned several preserved vehicles, including Preston Corporation 76 (CK 4649), a 1932 English Electric-bodied Leyland Lion LT5, which had survived as a mobile library.