Global fabric manufacturer Camira has launched a new digital printing system which allows far more intricate and colourful designs than the company has produced on bus seats in the past. JAMES DAY speaks to Camira’s Nigel Vickers about the new technology’s potential.

Camira Print allows for both more colours and more defined patterns in fabric designs.

In March of this year, Camira launched Camira Print, an alternative to traditional moquette weaving which has the potential to vastly increase the options for how bus operators design their seats (MRR News May).

Photographs can be reproduced on seat fabric, with advertising as one potential use.

Where moquette weaving ordinarily uses four or five different coloured yarns which are woven together in a pattern, Camira Print instead uses a plain white, or off-white ‘greige’ material, which is dyed using a digital printing machine in a process not dissimilar to a desktop computer printer. This means a seat fabric can theoretically have 90,000 colours instead of five, which can be arranged in far more intricate and detailed patterns.

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