Israel’s Dan to purchase 100 Chinese electrics

Dan, the seconded largest operator in Israel, has ordered 100 Chinese-built Higer electric buses for services around Tel-Aviv.

They will use supercapacitors for energy storage, with charging points at every terminus. Range is expected to be around 30km (18.6miles) between charges of 3 to 4min. Dan has had five Higer buses on trial for the past six months.

The order comes as Dan takes up a new operating contract with a 10-year vehicle age limit in place of the previous 15-year maximum. It will invite tenders to supply 300 diesel city buses next year and is withdrawing its first generation of low-floor vehicles, Euro2 and Euro3-engined MAN NLs dating from 2000-02, as well as five MANpowered Optare Solos new seven years ago.