Cardiff Bus takes Irizar i3-bodied Scanias from Reading First South West awaits four new Mousehole minibuses Stagecoach and Go-Ahead buy 159 electrics for Oxford Reading and Thames Valley order City-spec Enviro400s Five more used Enviro200s for Warrington’s Own Buses


AB Articulated single-deck bus

AC Articulated coach

B Rigid single-deck bus

C Coach

DP Dual purpose, usually coach seats in a bus shell

H Double-decker

L Lowbridge double-decker with side sunken gangway upstairs. All other double-deckers are H (highbridge) regardless of overall height.

M Minibus

O Permanent open-top

CO Convertible open-top

PO Partial open-top

SEATING CAPACITY For double-deckers, this is shown with the upper deck capacity first (e.g. 43/30, indicating 43 ‘over’ 30. Where the split is not known, a total figure (e.g. 73) is shown in the same style as for single-deckers. The total seating capacity shown includes all fixed and tip-up seats. The vehicles themselves may show other permutations of seats, standing spaces and wheelchair capacity.

DOOR POSITION F Front (can be directly behind front axle on vehicles with no front overhang)

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