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Duff information

I frequently use buses in my local area, and when on holiday throughout the UK and Europe, and rely on apps to track buses.

Most of the buses in Kent are run by Stagecoach (in the East) and Arriva (West). The Stagecoach app is generally good, but many stops claim to have ‘no upcoming arrivals’ even when you are standing next to a Stagecoach timetable.

The Arriva app tells blatant fibs. Buses that are definitely expected in one minute are sometimes nowhere to be seen, claiming to be at the next stop from you two minutes later, even though it hasn’t passed you. Conversely, some buses shown as ‘cancelled’ actually turn up.

On my travels around the country, I find Go-Ahead apps to be excellent, as is the First version, which has the added advantage of showing departures from every stop in the country, regardless of operator, though these are obviously not tracked by First.

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