A long anticipated London bus simulator game was released in December, with four different types to drive on 16 routes in the south-east of the UK capital. STEPHEN EDWARDS describes what it does and how its young developer conceived and executed it

A scene from the program, showing an Enviro400 on route 12 approaching Piccadilly Circus from Lower Regent Street, with an advertisement for the game on the iconic illuminated advertising displays.

In April 2016 Buses, we reported that a London variant of the PC-based OMSI2 bus simulator game franchise was imminent. For various reasons and many unforeseen and protracted circumstances, the release faced a series of setbacks and delays which have finally been overcome and it should be available from 10 December. 

As the game was German in origin with German developers, the various maps available until now have been right-path maps (driving on the right) with left-handdrive vehicles. 

Consequently, Add-On London is the first official UK map to be commissioned for the game and has been eagerly anticipated by both the gaming and bus fraternities ever since this initial development announcement. 

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