Reassessing a London ‘failure’

Title: The London DMS

Author: Matthew Wharmby

Publisher: Pen & Sword Transport

ISBN: 978-1-78383-173-9

Specification: 285mm x 220mm, 272pp, hardback

Price: £30

For many of us, the buses that took us to school occupy a special place in our hearts, and for Matthew Wharmby it was the London Transport DMS family of Daimler and Leyland Fleet lines that he experienced every school day in 1983-92 on route 93 between home in Putney and education in Wimbledon.

In over 800 journeys none ever broke down, which says much about a vehicle hardly anyone seemed to like at the time. Not the enthusiasts who saw it as an inferior substitute for the RT and Route master. Certainly not LT, which found that they did break down with disturbing regularity and was plotting their disposal before the final ones arrived.

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