NCI Insurance, part of Jigsaw Insurance Services, provides specialist coverage for heritage buses. STEVE BANNER learns how this unusual brokerage works

The company provides coverage for working vintage vehicles. Darlington Corporation 4 (304 VHN), a Roe-bodied Daimler CCG5 new in 1964, is one of the working vehicles that carry visitors around the North of England Open Air Museum at Beamish. It has a constant mesh gearbox and five-cylinder Gardner 5LW engine.
Unique vehicles, such as Walsall 56 (XDH 56G), are difficult to insure because they are hard to value. This is the only Daimler Fleetline CRC6-36 built for a UK operator. It was exhibited at the 1968 Commercial Motor Show and has a Cummins V6 engine in the offside rear corner and an 85-seat Northern Counties body with two doors and two staircases. It is part of the collection at The Transport Museum Wythall.

Insuring preserved buses has its pluses and minuses for the underwriters and brokers involved in a somewhatunusual sector of the insurance market.

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