Inflation busting fare rises and a review of bus services are the price of another short-term funding deal

On June 1, Transport for London (TfL) reached an agreement with the government that extends its financial support until December 11, 2021. This agreement provides £1.08bn in base funding and further support, should our passenger revenue income be lower than forecast and will allow it to continue running near full levels of service.

As part of the agreement TfL is required to undertake a joint review of the bus network, with the Department for Transport, to establish the level of demand. Two reviews of the bus network are to be undertaken, in July and September, to establish actual passenger numbers across the network.

The timing of the initial review has been criticised by passenger watchdog London TravelWatch, which it has called for a delay until the autumn when more people will have returned to the office, to avoid service cuts based on unrealistic usage figures.

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