Title: Low-Floor Single-Deckers

Author: Gavin Booth

Publisher: Keybooks

ISBN: 978-1-80282-487-2

Specification: 240mm x 170mm,

96pp, softback

Price: £15.99

The introduction of the UK’s first low-floor singledeckers 30 years ago ushered in one of the biggest revolutions in postwar bus service provision. Conceived to answer growing calls for people with disabilities — not just wheelchair users but those with significant walking difficulties — to be able to access ordinary public transport, they also made bus travel far more practical for anyone travelling along with a child in a wheeled buggy. No longer might they balance a child on one arm while trying to fold up the buggy and hoist both aboard the bus, and pay the driver, or more likely use a car or a taxi. Child could remain in the buggy and simply be wheeled aboard the bus and parked in a designated bay. The great thing for the bus industry is that these were fare-paying passengers and the additional income generated from their extra bus trips brought a quick return on the additional capital cost of

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