Outside of work I enjoy travelling in Europe, sampling the craft beer scene and using the local transport systems.

I do this partly to get away from the madness that surrounds running your own business in this country, but also because I have a genuine interest in looking at best practice.

This madness includes the attitude of many workers, who feel they are doing you a favour by working for you, are unable to work for one reason or another (and those that can work, can’t work more than ‘x’ number of hours because it will affect their benefits) and the increasing raft of crazy rules and laws that we have to adapt to.

We are all aware that the Nationalisation Without Compensation (as Julian Peddle correctly referred to it) is progressing throughout the country. We have just had a public consultation for the West Yorkshire scheme. I have read the scheme, as it is likely to have a huge effect on all operators in the county, Connexionsbuses included.

Failure in the exercise

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