Nine new Alexander Dennis Enviro200s for Britannia Parking

Diesel operation ends as FirstYork withdraws its last B7RLEs

New single-deckers join the Lynx fleet in the north of Norfolk

Early delivery to Metroline Manchester for the Bee Network

Reading Buses orders Alexander Dennis diesels and electrics

BODY TYPE AB Articulated single-deck bus

AC Articulated coach

B Rigid single-deck bus

C Coach

DP Dual purpose, usually coach seats in a bus shell

H Double-decker

L Lowbridge double-decker with side sunken gangway upstairs. All other double-deckers are H (highbridge) regardless of overall height.

M Minibus O Permanent open-top

CO Convertible open-top

PO Partial open-top

SEATING CAPACITY For double-deckers, this is shown with the upper deck capacity first (e.g. 43/30, indicating 43 ‘over’ 30. Where the split is not known, a total figure (e.g. 73) is shown in the same style as for single-deckers. The total seating capacity shown includes all fixed and tip-up seats. The vehicles themselves may show other permutations of seats, standing spaces and wheelchair capacity.

DOOR POSITION F Front (can be directly behind front axle on vehicles with no front overhang)

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