Educate pedestrians before redesigning vehicles

I have been bemused by the reports in Look in on London and elsewhere that Transport for London is insisting that bodybuilders introduce a rake to the frontal profile of buses in the belief that such a shape will inflict less serious injuries on pedestrians who are hit. This infers not so much an ‘if’ as a ‘when’.

Brylaine YJ08 PHY, an Optare Solo diesel, operating IntoTown route IT6 in the pedestrianised centre of Boston where it emits an audible warning of its presence.

I do not visit London often, but I now have a mental picture made up of a worryingly large number of otherwise healthy and fit pedestrians who wander aimlessly into the path of huge red buses. I also find it sad that it no longer seems to be the pedestrian’s fault, the blame now being put on someone or something else.


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