Dundee’s forgotten front-rad Fleetline

tle: Dundee Buses

From Green to Blue

  Author/Publisher: Derek Simpson

  ISBN: 978-1-527262-08-9 

Specification: 295mm x 210mm,

96pp, softback

  Price: £19.95

With so much already committed to print about the UK bus industry, a sign of a well-researched book is when it reveals something largely unknown. Derek Simpson’s self-published work on the municipal fleet of his home city from the 1950s to 1970s — profits will go to the Dundee Museum of Transport which hopes to occupy the former Maryfield garage as a permanent home — achieved that for me with its revelation, supported by photographic evidence, of the experimental relocation of the radiator on a Daimler Fleetline for a few months in 1970/71.

  In an attempt to better cool its Gardner 6LX engine, the offside rear radiator was replaced by one at the front, with the dash panel replaced for the duration by a modified one for the Alexander W-type body on Dundee’s single-deck Fleetlines and AEC Swifts. This appears to have passed unnoticed by correspondents providing information for what then was this magazine’s Scottish News Round-up section.

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