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EOD 524D is an AEC Regent V entered service in 1966 and was one of five Regents built for Devon General near the end of production of the AV590 engine. Using one of the last sets of 59-seat body frames supplied by Weymann's of Addlestone in Surrey, the bus was constructed at Metro-Cammell in Birmingham. 524 was withdrawn in 1978 and sold to a language school for student travel. It subsequently passed to Ironside Travel in Kent for use on the Dungeness nuclear power station construction project. 

In 1985, as the only survivor of this batch, it was purchased by a group of enthusiasts and restored to its original 1966 condition, making its first rally appearance in 1989. The vehicle is privately owned by AEC enthusiasts Royston Morgan and Denis Chick, and resides at the Nottingham Transport heritage centre at Ruddington.