Berliners get a taste of double-deckers to come in future

A nine-year-old double-decker with a suite of new customer-friendly features has taken to the roads of Berlin.

The converted DL-class MAN tri-axle has been fitted with a passenger information display system, USB ports and passenger reading lamps. Natural light enters through eight new window panels in the roof and smart lighting upstairs changes colour to match the time of day. The concept bus carries the slogan ‘Bus to the Future’.

‘This bus will help us to find out what is possible and what is affordable,’ says BVG bus director Torsten Mareck. It was converted at the municipal undertaking’s Lichtenberg depot.

Berlin plans to buy new double-deckers to replace its three-door DLs. Alexander Dennis (Global News, June) is a favourite to clinch the contract, with MAN also in the running. A decision is expected later this year.

The project has given DL 3492 a new lease of life after its roof was ripped off when it crashed into a low bridge in 2016. It is currently plying the popular tourist 100 route between Alexanderplatz and Zoo station.