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Chips are down for NatEx’s sweet temptation

 One of the gifts kind friends sent us last Christmas included a box of liqueur chocolates. Having manfully chomped through them (well, somebody had to), I reached the reluctant conclusion that chocolates and liqueurs are best consumed individually rather than in a combination where the flavours compete.

I’m sharing this thought because National Express came up with a culinary confection of its own to attract us back on to its coaches as lockdown restrictions were eased in May.It gave away Tastes of Normal-branded tinned sweet and savoury combinations that I haven’t had the opportunity to taste and must confess I’m in no rush to sample. That may say far more about me than the good folk at NatEx or the company called SpunCandy that has boiled them up.

There are six varieties, each associated with a part of England: fish and chips for the seaside; Cornish pasty; pork pie from Leicestershire; Wensleydale cheese and cranberry from Yorkshire; curry from NatEx’s home city of Birmingham; and Eccles cake (the only one that is sweet) for Greater Manchester.

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