1965 AEC Routemaster Coach Lengthened (RCL) - CUV 233C

1965 AEC Routemaster Coach Lengthened (RCL) - CUV 233C

Type of Vehicle - Coach

Year Built/Registered - 1965

Vehicle Description - AEC Routemaster Coach Lengthened (RCL)

Reg No. CUV 233C   Fleet No. RCL 2233

Livery/Operator - Greenline


New in June 1965 and entered service at Romford on services 721, 722, 726. In May 1968 was repainted into simple Greenline livery. May 68 transfer to Dunton Green for services 704, 705.
In 1972 downgraded to bus services under London Country then re-purchased in December 1977 as a trainer at West Ham. In 1980 converted to bus on service 149 before retiring from public service in 1983. Initially sold to North (Sherburn) for scrap, 2233 was saved and went in to preservation for the first time.
We purchased 2233 in July 2005, the second owners since LT.
A lot of restoration work has taken place over the past 18 years, including initially a new engine and re-upholstery of the seats, and more recently a new gearbox.