1950 Dennis Lancet III - HOU 904

1950 Dennis Lancet III - HOU 904

Type of Vehicle - Bus

Year built/registered - 1950

Vehicle Description - Dennis Lancet III J10, Body make/type - Strachan, Body seating code - B38R

Reg No. HOU 904, Fleet No. 178

Livery/Operator - Aldershot & District Traction Co Ltd.

HOU 904 was one of ten of the last batch of Dennis Lancets that went into service with Aldershot
& District in1950. A Strachan body with 38 seats and the passenger door at the rear. Powered by the Dennis 0.6 a 7.6 litre direct injection compression-Ignition oil engine.

The bus was sold into preservation in 1967. It fell into disrepair after a period of neglect in the late
nineties and again in 2018.

The latest custodians have recently finished a full overhaul.